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New Names for 2023


The Spring Grove Veterans Memorial Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that we are adding three new names to the Spring Grove Veterans Memorial located in Viking Memorial Park. 

As of 2/1/2023

Korea and 1950s:

Charles E. Peterson



Roger O. Lanswerk


Lebanon, Grenada, Panama 1976 – 1989 

Rosemarie F. Ulven

Number of Veterans' Names on the Memorial

As of Feb 1, 2023

Listed by Era *

  •   Civil and Indian Wars                                         177

  •   Spanish American                                                  3

  •   World War I                                                         183

  •   World War 2                                                        333

  •   Korea                                                                   154

  •   Vietnam                                                               176

  •   1976 – 1989 Lebanon, Grenada, Panama        15

  •   Persian Gulf and Global War on Terror            43

                                         Total                                   1084

  *  Includes 60 Gold Star Veterans

            How to Add Names to the Memorial?
Download, Complete and Return the Applicable Form
1.  Living Veterans Request Form, or
2.  Nomination Form

Next Opportunity to Add Names is the Spring of 2024
Deadline for Submitting New Names is February 1, 2024

 Send in your Application or Nomination now to be included in 2024

The Board has established a policy regarding adding names.  We won’t deny any otherwise qualified veteran the honor of having his or her name on the memorial for lack of a donation.   No otherwise qualified veteran will be denied having his or her name placed on the memorial for lack of funds.

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1. Please Check the Criteria for Inclusion
2.  Some Living Veterans May Not Want Their Name Listed on the Memorial While They Are Still Alive. We Will Honor Their Wishes. Therefore We Are Requiring Living Veterans or their Family Members to Provide Written Permission to Include the Veteran’s Name on the Memorial by Completing the Living Veteran Request Form.


3. Please check the Current Lists of Names and the Gold Star List to Determine if the Veteran is Already on the List.  Note: Names already listed on the WW I Monument are not repeated on the new monument stones.
4. If the Veteran's Name is NOT on the List, Please Click the Green Box Below to Download the Nomination Form.
5. Print and Complete the Form.
6. Include the DD 214 or Other Similar Documentation as Proof of Service.  Don't Send Original DocumentsBlack Out Social Security Numbers.  Current Legion Post 249 Do Not Need to Submit the DD214.

7.  Need a replacement DD214 or Discharge Papers.?  You or next of kin can get a replacement DD214 from the National Archives.  Click the button below.
8. Mail the Form to:       
Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group, LLC.      
P.O. Box 7      
Spring Grove MN 55974.
9. Or Scan and Email the Form to:  Don't Forget To Attach the Completed Form and DD214 to the Email.

To Nominate Names

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