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5 New Names Added in May 2019

The Spring Grove Veterans Memorial Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that we have added five new names to the Spring Grove Veterans Memorial located in Viking Memorial Park.   The new names include Virgil V. Winjum and T. Stanley Solberg from the Korean War era, and John Foss, David Solberg, and Michael Schulte from the Vietnam era.  John Foss and Dave Solberg are living. Vigil Winjum, Stan Solberg, and Mike Schulte are deceased.

34 New Names Added, May 25, 2018

The Spring Grove Veterans Memorial Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that we have added 34 new names to the Spring Grove Veterans Memorial located in Viking Memorial Park.   The new names include 1 from the Civil War era, 3 from the World War II and 1950s era, 14 from the Korean War and 1950s era, 14 from the Vietnam and 1960 – 1976 era, and 2 from the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan era.  Eleven of the newly listed veterans are deceased, and 23 are living.  Many are currently living in Spring Grove, but others live as far away as Maine, Florida and California.

The stunning memorial now lists the names of 1064 Spring Grove area veterans that are carved into large black granite stones standing more than six-feet tall.  It’s located in the northeast corner of Viking Memorial Park, and it was dedicated on June 26, 2017, during Spring Grove’s Homecoming Celebration.

Charlie Sylling, SGAVMG Board Chair, said, “We are honored and proud that we are able to add these additional names.  We spent most of a year since the Dedication Ceremony in June of 2017 tracking down the additional names.  It took hundreds of phone calls and emails to collect the information needed to add these new names.  Living veterans must give us permission to list their name on the memorial.  We are especially pleased that 24 living veterans came forward and granted us consent to honor their service by listing their names on the memorial.”  


The policy and criteria for listing names on the memorial are:

  • Verified honorable service in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and also the Merchant Marine during time of war, and

  • Ties to the Spring Grove area which includes the town of Spring Grove, the Spring Grove and Blackhammer townships, and the western half of Wilmington township.The memorial includes veterans who grew up in Spring Grove area, and also those who grew up elsewhere but later settled in Spring Grove.


The SGAVMG was formed in 2015 to establish a memorial in Spring Grove Minnesota to honor the service of Spring Grove area veterans, both living and dead, who have honorably served our nation both in peace and in war. 

SGAVMG Is Seeking Names to Add to the Memorial, October 30, 2017

The Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group, LLC, reminds veterans and their families that we are still collecting names of Spring Grove area veterans for inclusion on the memorial.  The Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial, located in the Viking Memorial Park, currently contains the names of 1030 living and deceased veterans who honorably served our nation both in peace and in war.  Charlie Sylling, SGAVMG Board Chairman, states, “Even though the SGAVMG and their researchers worked very hard to compile and verify the list of names, we have no doubt that the list is incomplete.  We need help from the families and friends of deceased veterans, and also from living veterans, in order to collect and verify additional names for the memorial.” 


The SGAVMG will add additional names on an annual basis as they become known.  Living veterans or family members of deceased veterans should visit the group’s website for information on how to nominate names for inclusion on the memorial. 


Criteria for inclusion are: honorable service in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and also the Merchant Marine during time of war; and ties to the Spring Grove area.  National Guard and Reservists are also eligible to be included. 


Family or friends of deceased veterans need to submit a Nomination Form to the SGAVMG.  Living veterans who wish to have their name on the memorial must complete a Request Form to grant permission to put their name on the memorial.  Forms can be obtained from any board member, at the Legion Post, from the SGAVMG, or at our website, www.springgroveveteransmemorial.org.  Those wishing to add names must also submit documentation of proof of service and an honorable discharge.


The first batch of new names will be added in May 2018.  The deadline for submitting new names for the May update is January 30, 2018. 


June 24, 2017 During Homecoming 2017

Completed Memorial

1st Brigade Band

And Laides

Living WW II Veterans

Beautiful Day and Big Crowd

Wreath Laid by Boy & Girl Scouts

Nisse Treehouse Preschoolers Visit the Memorial During Syttende Mai

Nearly Finished!

Curb, Gutter & Handicapped Access Ramps Poured

Installation of Limestone Star, 4/21/2017

Trinity Lutheran Church Captured in Reflection

Gold Star Stones with the names of 60 men who lost their lives in the service of our country

KTTC TV Rochester Channel 10 did a nice news piece on our Memorial yesterday, 4/18/2017.


April 18, 2017

La Crosse Memorials placed the completed granite stones on the memorial

Dick Wieser and his crew from La Crosse completed and installed six large granite stones on the memorial.  Each of the 6' tall stones weighed over 5000#, but all were skillfully and carefully placed in their final positions.

November 11, 2016

The WW I Memorial that has stood in the park since 1920 was successfully moved from the old site to its new location on the memorial plaza.

Day 22, Oct 26, Sod is Down

Thanks to Howard Deters and Tyler Hunzeker for their generous in-kind donations!!

Day 17, Oct 21, Slab is Finished!

Day 15, Oct 19, Completed the Exposed Aggregate Slabs and Started Landscaping

Jim Stoen, Cody, Dylan and Tony Stone, and Gary VanMinsel Spread Concrete.

Color variation is wet vs dry concrete. 

Landscaping Begins

Day 14, October 18, 2016, Pouring the Exposed Aggregate Slabs

Weather Delays, October 13 - 15, 2016

Three days of cold or rainy weather have caused a pause in construction.  The next step is pouring the concrete slabs.  We should be able to pour them Tuesday and Wednesday

Day 7, October 12, 2016, Cleaned WW I Memorial, 10/12/2016

                      Before                             After

Day 6, October 11, 2016 Pouring Star, Flagpole Bases, and Rebar

Day 5, October 10, 2016 Pouring Grade Beams to Support Granite Bases

Day 4, October 7, 2016 Backfill

Day 3, October 6, Piers for Granite Stones

Day 2, October 5 Foundations

Day 1, October 4, 2016, Excavation

Construction Begins !!  Oct 3, 2016

Thanks to the outstanding support of Spring Grove area veterans and citizens and more than 220 donors, we've begun contstruction!   We broke ground on Monday, October 3, 2016, and on Tuesday, October 4, our contractor, Four Season Maintenance, started and completed excavation.  We also passed inspection of the underlying soil at the site.  Over the next three weeks we will complete excavation, pour the footers and foundations, and complete the cement plaza. 

Revised Polcy for Including Names.

On July 11, 2016 the Board ammeded our policy to include a new criteria: 

  • If the family cannot locate the DD214 or other discharge papers, burial in a national or state veterans cemetery or proof of a VA gravestone will suffice as proof of honorable service.

Spring Grove Herald Article, May 18, 2016
Spring Grove memorial group asks public to proofread, submit names


By Craig Moorhead, Government/Sports Writer

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 11:57 AM


Plans for a new veterans memorial in Spring Grove are progressing well, but there are a still a few vitally important things that community members need to do. 

“It’s not too late to submit names for the memorial,” said Charles Sylling. “But don’t delay too long. And please remember, living veterans must give us permission to list their name on the memorial.”


Sylling serves as chairman of the board for the Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group, which is building the commemorative structure in Viking Memorial Park.


Living veterans who wish to be included need to submit a “Living Veteran Request form,” which is available on the Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial website (www.springgroveveteransmemorial.org)


“We have to order the granite stone in July in order to have them finished in time to dedicate the memorial on June 24, 2017, during Homecoming,” Sylling stated. “It takes almost a year. And once the stonecutter begins etching names into stone, they are quite literally chiseled in stone. At that point it’s too late to make changes.


See the full-page article on page 8 of this week’s Herald for the complete list of known veterans.

“A problem we want to avoid is miss-spellings or duplications. Particularly back in the Civil War, people changed their names or the spelling of their names. We’re working hard to make sure we have the correct name. I’ve got at least two cases, where there are four different spellings of what I believe is the same veteran’s name.”


Sylling said the memorial group needs families to look at the list and ask themselves, “Is this the way we want it to appear on the stone?”

He added, “We want people to please check the spelling and make sure it is listed exactly the way you want it to appear.”

Click here to view the full lists of names.


KTTC TV Channel 10 Published the Following Report on May 8, 2016. 
Click here to view the new feature



Spring Grove may be a tiny town, but its lasting tradition of military service is large.

"We have identified and verified 168 veterans who served during the Civil War," said Charlie Sylling of the Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group. "168 from a town that was then probably 300 to 400 people."

The Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group hopes to cement that tradition by turning a part of Viking Park into a memorial for every Spring Grove veteran. Sylling is among the veterans, with more than 20 years of service in the Air Force, and he hopes the memorial will educate and inspire the community.

"We want to honor the surviving veterans of course, but also help people gain an understanding of the service and the sacrifice of their fellow community members here," said Sylling.

Viking Park is home to a war memorial already; however, that memorial was built in 1920 and only honors World War I veterans.

"It honored 101 veterans and army nurses from that period, but nothing has been done before or since," said Sylling. "We want to fix that."

The names of 850 veterans were expected to be engraved on the memorial's granite walls. However, Sylling says he already has found 850 veterans to honor...and he expects even more veterans and their families to step forward.

"The support from the public has been very good, very enthusiastic...not only with identifying names but with donations as well," said Sylling.

The group says 70 percent of their fundraising goal has been reached in only five months; a link to donate and add possible names to the memorial can be found here. They hope to break ground in November and plan to have the memorial ready for Spring Grove's 10-year Homecoming in June 2017.

Living Veterans Need to Request to be Included on the Memorial
January 6, 2016

Some living veterans do not want to have their names listed on the memorial while they are still living.  The SGAVMG will honor their wishes.  In order to avoid listing a name and then later discovering that the living veteran did not want to be named on the memorial, the SGAVMG is requiring living veterans to take action to be included.  They must submit a Request for Inclusion Form to the SGAVMG. 


YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION.   Living veterans need to request to be included in order to be listed on the memorial.  Positive action is needed.  If you do nothing, your name will not be included on the memorial.


PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN THE REQUEST FOR INCLUSION FORM BY MAY 1st in order to have your name included on the memorial.  You can download the form from the Names for the Monument Page, or you can contact any board member.

City Council Approves a Site in the Park !
November 17, 2015

Last night the City Council again voted to approve a site for the Spring Grove Veterans Memorial in the Viking Memorial Park.  The site is in the northeast corner.  The design is the Keystone shown on the Gallery Page.  We and the majority of the council agreed to reconstruct and incorporate  the Legion Auxilary Star flower planter into the new Veterans Memorial and to rededicate it at the memorial dedication during Homecoming in June 2017.                           


On behalf of the more than 850 living and deceased veterans from the Spring Grove area, we thank the Council members for this courageous and we think correct decision!